The Rats to Ash: a rock and roller coaster of chills
Cover of The Rats 40th Anniversary Edition
New editions to the horror library!

Following the 2014 release of the special 40th anniversary edition of The Rats - the classic, bestselling novel that launched James Herbert's career - a stylish presentation of the classic Rats trilogy limited to 300 copies is now available.

Each signed by Jason C. Eckhardt and David Ho, along with a Herbert-family-approved James Herbert facsimile signature, they feature front image pastedown to covers, ribbon markers, head and tail bands and full European cloth construction ensuring they're a must for lovers of the Master Chillerwriter.

These are widely considered as definitive editions, with reproductions in colour of old hardcover and paperback artwork. They are also the first hardback versions of The Rats, Lair and Domain to be published in the United States.

To read more and link to the publisher's site, please go to the news page.

Originally released in 1974, The Rats will devour your attention.

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